A social media that rethink the housing world

At Nekson we aren’t only offering our talents to our clients, we believe so much in our capacities that we also invest in our own ideas!

Quoloc.com is a free social network that we made in intern that help its members to easily find Rooms, Roommates and Apartments for the mid and long term all around the world.


The Logo

Quoloc.com’s name come from the contraction of Quebec and Colocation which is a french word that means « house sharing ».
The logo represents the fact that single person is becoming a part of a group, just like the dot in the C of the name, same for the icon.

The Icon


The website is adapting to the client's device


Search engine optimization is something that you can’t negligate but for Quoloc.com it was even more important because the target audience love to ask Google about their future home or the people to share it with. We needed to make sure that Quoloc.com will be on the first page of Google when you are looking for a room, roommate or an apartment whatever language you use or the city you are looking for.


No need to explain to you the importance of social medias nowadays, but the way we approached it is different. You already know that you need a facebook page, an instagram account… But for Quoloc.com we took it even further by creating a facebook group for each city Quoloc.com target. Creating those groups made sure that when a facebook user was looking for exemple for « rooms in New York » our group is coming up first, people get to know what is Quoloc.com and it’s free 🙂


Our Strategy allowed to Quoloc.com's facebook groups to count more than 160 000 people in 31 different cities and all that for free!

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